Mzumbe University
Information and Communication Technology
List of events12/10/2018

1:ACC 101ACC 101b1114x1-
2:ACC 154ACC 154b1112x-1
3:ACC 170ACC 170b1114x-1
4:ACC 182ACC 182b1112x-1
5:ACC 188ACC 188b1114x-1
6:BUS 110 BUS 110 b1114x1-
7:BUS 120 BUS 120 b1115x-1
8:BUS 170 BUS 170 b1112x-1
9:DST 100DST 100b1119x1-
10:DST 101DST 101b1117x1-
11:ECO 102ECO 102b1112x-1
12:ECO 121ECO 121b11110x1-
13:ECO 123ECO 123b1117x1-
14:EMS 124EMS 124b1112x1-
15:EMS 127EMS 127b1112x-1
16:ICT 114ICT 114b1113x-1
17:LAW 107LAW 107b1112x-1
18:LAW 121LAW 121b1113x1-
19:LAW 123LAW 123b1112x1-
20:LAW 125LAW 125b1112x1-
21:LAW 127LAW 127b1112x-1
22:LAW 128LAW 128b1112x-1
23:LIM 121LIM 121b1112x1-
24:LIM 122LIM 122b1112x-1
25:LIM 123LIM 123b1112x1-
26:LOG 100LOG 100b1112x-1
27:ME 604ME 604b1112x-1
28:ME 610ME 610b1112x1-
29:ME 612ME 612b1112x1-
30:ME 613ME 613b1112x1-
31:ME 614ME 614b1112x-1
32:POM 121POM 121b1112x-1
33:POM 122POM 122b1113x1-
34:PUB 120PUB 120b1114x-1
35:PUB 124PUB 124b1117x1-
36:PUB 125PUB 125b1114x-1
37:PUB 126PUB 126b1117x-1
38:PUB 128PUB 128b1112x-1
39:PUB 129PUB 129b1117x1-
40:PUB 201PUB 201b1113x-1
41:QMS 102QMS 102b1114x1-
42:QMS 121QMS 121b1112x1-
43:QMS 122QMS 122b1112x1-
44:QMS 123QMS 123b1112x-1
45:QMS 124QMS 124b1112x1-

Mimosa Scheduling SoftwareMimosa Scheduling Software Version 7.1.1 (12/10/2018 17:42)