Mzumbe University
Information and Communication Technology
List of events08/02/2019

1:COM 055COM 055b1115x1-
2:ICT 010/LIM 011ICT 010/LIM 011b1113x1-
3:ICT 011/LIM 012ICT 011/LIM 012b1113x1-
4:ICT 012/LIM 013ICT 012/LIM 013b1113x1-
5:LAW 010LAW 010b1112x1-
6:LAW 011LAW 011b1112x1-
7:LAW 012LAW 012b1112x1-
8:LAW 013LAW 013b1112x1-
9:LAW 014LAW 014b1112x-1
10:LAW 018LAW 018b1112x-1
11:PUB 010PUB 010b1112x1-
12:PUB 014PUB 014b1112x1-
13:PUB 017PUB 017b1112x1-
14:QMS 070/LIM 014QMS 070/ LIM 014b1115x-1
15:ACC 094ACC 094a1112x1-
16:COM 075COM 075a1113x1-
17:ECO 020ECO 020a1112x1-
18:ECO 055ECO 055a1112x1-
19:ICT 051ICT 051a1113x1-
20:ICT 052ICT 052a1113x1-
21:ICT 053ICT 053a1112x1-
22:ICT 054ICT 054a1112x-1
23:PUB 011PUB 011a1112x1-
24:QMS 051QMS 051a1112x-1

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